mercredi 4 juillet 2012

I gotta say, it's an honour to meet you, officially. I sort of met you, I mean, I watched you while you were sleeping. I mean, I was, I was present while you were unconscious, from the ice. You know it's really just a, just a huge honour to have you on board.

Oulaa quel long titre n'est ce pas ? certes, mais ça correspond bien avec l'article!
Je trouvais injuste de finir la série Avengers sans notre cher Coulson, il est essentiel après tout!
Par contre pour trouver une idée, j'ai tendance à me baser sur les costumes pour les couleurs, mais là avec notre Phil et ses costumes, c'était moins facile.
Je suis donc repartie dans mon délire " Et si il était une fille"
Oui une belle fan de Captain America! Donc j'ai fais péter le maquillage années 50, aux couleurs du Captain, avec un peu de strass et de gloss pour faire briller tout ça! 
Je dois avouer, que je ne sortirai pas avec ce maquillage...

Wooh what a long title isn't it ? Yes, but it's the good one for the following article!
It wouldn't be fair ton fish the Avengers series without our dear Coulson, is essential after all!
But to find a idea, I'd like to take the colour from the costumes, and with Phil and his suits, it wasn't easy!
So, same trip again " If he was a girl!"
A big Captain fangirl! So, it's time 50s make up with all the Captain colours! A bit of rhinestones, some lipgloss, I want it to shine!
And yes, I must admit, I'm not going out with this make up!

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  1. ISN'T IT PERFECT FOR A FOURTH OF JULY?! I kinda went out with my Captain America/Coulson make-up yesterday and it looked a bit like yours (which is really, really cool). People didn't understand because I'm French, but whatever, I don't care, it was Captain America birthday.
    Did I mention that it is a very cool make-up?
    (why the hell am I writing in English? ...)